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Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Body and Religion Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group aims to draw together scholars working with different methodologies who address body as a fundamental category of analysis in the study of religion. The Group provides a forum for sustained discussion and critique of diverse approaches to body and religion that can encompass scholars working on a wide range of traditions, regions, and eras.

The Body and Religion Group maintains a listserv for announcements about conferences, new publications and other items relevant to the field. To subscribe (or for other listserv information) go to and fill out the online form. Once subscribed you will be able to receive messages, control your subscription options, and access the archives.

• Subscription is open.
• The list of subscribers is private. The Body and Religion Group does not share the list with anyone.
• Anyone can post messages. If you have a new publication, a conference, a workshop or other announcement relevant to the study of body and religion that you want to share, you can write a message to
• The listserv is moderated. The listserv moderator must approve every message to prevent spam.
• Traffic is low on this listserv.

Call for Papers: 

This Group aims to provide a forum for multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary conversations on issues of body and religion. We are especially interested in the overall question of “what is body?” We invite proposals presenting diverse methodologies and understandings of body, as well as traditional and alternative presentation styles. When reviewing your paper proposals, we particularly appreciate proposals that make their methodological and theoretical frameworks explicit.

This year we are particularly interested in several topics:

Architectural bodies (structural bodies, situated bodies, urban bodies, temple bodies, architecture as body)
Body spaces (bodies in and as space, bodies modifying space, and space modifying bodies)
Body as ultimate concern (for a co-sponsorship with the Tillich Group)
Bodies in the branding of religion (bodies as advertisement of the message, bodies as message)
Body and social forms of protest. (martyrdom, messages mediated though/by bodies, presences/absences of bodies in protests; bodies as sites of resistance, bodies as motivators/inhibitors of protest; bodies, protest and religious language; how religious language directs bodies to act in protests.
Body and work, spirituality of labor, sanctity of body, evolution of the religious body
Bodily touch and modes of knowledge
Body fitness, bodies and fitness

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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