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Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Folklore and Religion Seminar

Call for Papers: 

Last year’s Wild Card session on Folklore and Religion explored the sources of belief in the supernatural and its validity. In this initial Seminar Unit on Folklore and Religion, we invite proposals that employ folklore theory, themes, and issues for the study of religion in any world context.

Folkloristics is based on participant-observation and ethnography. Folklorists, however, have often been less distant from their subjects than, for example, anthropologists. Folklorists, therefore, are critical of their subject matter, while maintaining a participatory, compassionate approach. Of particular interest in this session are papers that ask method questions about the study of folklore and religion. How can one approach the study of the “supernatural” using folklore genres? What methodological concerns emerge from folkloristic fieldwork generated from personal or online observation? What is the conversation between the lived religion and the vernacular religion approaches, and how do such approaches influence study in the field? Particular attention should be paid to a key concept in the folkloristic study of religion: the “vernacular,” the way non-mainstream beliefs exist in parallel to mainstream notions, and how everyone, regardless of their place in religious hierarchy, participates in religion on a vernacular level.

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