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November 21-24, 2015

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Graduate Student Committee

Statement of Purpose: 

The Graduate Student Committee addresses the needs and concerns of graduate students and promotes their professional development and participation in the American Academy of Religion and the academy as a whole.

Call for Papers: 

Dehumanized vs. Holistic Scholars: How Academia Impacts Our Lives

Scholars in academia at all levels perform many roles: teacher, researcher, author, counselor, advocate, and activist, to name a few. In addition to the numerous hats that we wear in the academy, we also juggle personal identities such as being parents, partners, friends, and members of communities. Mediating the pressures to be productive and the desires to maintain one’s humanity and beliefs often leaves the individual confused, diminished, and/or fractured. How does one go about incorporating the various components of the self (ethics, beliefs, family, personal and professional goals, etc.) into a balanced whole? What does a “holistic scholar” or “holistic scholarship” look like? Which aspects of the discipline support a holistic self, and which undermine such an ideal?

The Graduate Student Committee invites brief proposals from scholars at all levels for a session that explore the tensions, resolutions, and possibilities that lie between the “holistic” and “dehumanizing” poles of our work. If you have a perspective or experience that you would like to contribute as a panelist for this session, please email your brief proposal (~150 words) and a CV to B.J. Parker at This does not count toward the two-proposal submission limit within the PAPERS system.

E-mail without Attachment (proposal appears in body of e-mail)
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Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times