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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Korean Religions Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of ideas on the religions of Korea. It addresses all aspects of religions and religious experiences of Korea—past and present and traditional and modern. The Group investigates Korean religions in all its diversity, including social, cultural, historical, political, and philosophical, giving full weight to the complexity of religious phenomena in Korea. The Group encourages conversations that compare aspects of Korean religions with those of other religious traditions, as well as theoretical conversations about religion that are grounded in Korean religions. In order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Korean religions, the Group welcomes scholars from both in and outside of Korean religions and fosters a dialogue among scholars from different religious traditions as well as different disciplinary approaches to religions.

Call for Papers: 

Religious Responses to Disasters: How do religious traditions, organizations, communities, and/or individuals respond to tragedies or calamities caused by such things as nature or the foibles of humanity? (For a co-sponsored panel with the Japanese Religions Group).

For example, religious groups have had to provide both meaning and charitable assistance in response to the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan in 2011 and the Sewol incident in Korea in 2014. How have religious traditions in these countries responded, helped individuals and families cope, and made meaning for their followers? Topics may also be drawn from earlier periods of Korean and Japanese history.

For the Korean Religions Group Standalone Session: The American Academy of Religion is holding its 2015 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, November 21–24, and the Korean Religions Group of the AAR invites you to submit proposals for panels or individual papers. Any proposal relating to Korea and religion will be considered but particular consideration will be given to proposals addressing the following themes.

Possible Themes for the Standalone Session:
1. Religion and Leadership in Korea, with a possible secondary focus on Pope Francis' visit to Korea in 2014 and its impact on the Korean public and meaning in Korean society.
2. Sexuality and Religion in Korea, or Gender and Religion in Korea: What issues are Korean religions encountering in relation to sexuality and gender? How are Korean religions responding to changing norms and expectations regarding gender roles and/or sexual identity?
3. Translation of Scriptures -- 100 year anniversary of the passing of John Ross (1842–1915) (first translator of Bible into Korean)
4. Religious Structures: For example, the function and symbolism of important religious sites, such as Myeongdong Cathedral, Youido Full Gospel Church, Seokguram, Bulguk Monastery, Haein Monastery, Tongdo Monastery, and Songgwang Monastery. How do structures engage with visitors, articulate beliefs through symbolism, serve as a locus of practice, and so forth?
5. Anthropology of Religion in Korea: How is Korean society and culture reflected in religious practice? How can we look at Korean religions from a multidisciplinary approach, and not merely from the disciplines or fields of folk religions, Buddhism, Confucianism, or Christianity?
6. Transnational Networks in Korean Religions, or Transnationality in Korean Religions

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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