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Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group seeks to provide an avenue for a comprehensive conversation on both Lutheran history and thought in the global context. In so doing, it is able to draw on an immensely rich tradition that goes far beyond Lutheran parochial interests as it includes the relationship to other Christian traditions as well as cultures in the global South.

Call for Papers: 

The Martin Luther and the Global Lutheran Traditions Group invites proposals on the topic of Women and the Reformation.

We invite papers on specific contributions of women to the Reformation (e.g. Katharina von Bora, Argula von Grumbach and other historical female figures that history has obscured); the contribution of the Reformation for women (broadly speaking, e.g. literacy by establishing schools, equality of men and women in secular pursuits, etc.); the ambiguous effects for women through the Reformation (e.g. exclusion of women from ministry, not marking their role in the German confessing church, the case of Charlotte von Kirschbaum, etc.); global women and the Reformation’s legacy and its living tradition in the lives, spiritualities, and theologies of women around the globe in the past and today; Reformation theology done by women since the 16th century to the present; and how the study of women enhances and develops the study of Reformation theologies in historical, methodological, and epistemological terms.

We invite a papers that apply different methodologies: historical, theological, feminist and liberation theology, etc. We look for papers that promise to make a major contribution in Reformation studies and bridge historical, theological and feminist study. We look for papers that model how to study Reformation and its theological legacy with the principle of inclusivity and with intentional attention to the contributions and experiences of women. While the anticipated papers are not exclusively addressing the Lutheran tradition, our session seeks to facilitate research and conversation towards ongoing critical re-assessment of the global Lutheran traditions and their future.

The Martin Luther and the Global Lutheran Traditions Group, in collaboration with the Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Group, seeks individual paper or panel proposals on the following topics:

1) drawing inspiration from the Presidential Theme for 2015, we are particularly interested in work that assesses the valuing of “religion” in the analysis of “genocide” and the debated definitions of these terms; 2) comparing models of rupture (theology), continuity (history), and conflict (sociology) in the interpretation of genocide; 3) 100 years later, what is the status of the Armenian genocide in religious studies?; 4) Christian theology and Jewish persecution, critical and constructive responses to the Holocaust, addressing Martin Luther’s writings and the Lutheran tradition (=MLGLT's group); 5) religion and genocide in the Balkans.

the normal online system for submitting proposal
Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
This system worked well and the decision making was fair and smooth, using numbers, and also the chairs being able to see the names was important in facilitating decision making in securing a balanced composition of the presenters, to include senior scholars as well as students. The numeric evaluation was most important.
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