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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Pentecostal––Charismatic Movements Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group provides a forum for scholarly consideration of global phenomena associated with Pentecostalism and Charismatic movements. This Group provides an arena for a wide array of scholars, disciplinary orientations, and methodological approaches bringing together those working constructively from within these traditions with scholars considering the phenomena from historical, sociological, ethnographic, theological, and other perspectives. The Group intentionally seeks to encourage a global and pluralist perspective.

Call for Papers: 

The Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements Group welcomes paper proposals and full panel proposals on the following themes for the Annual Meeting in Atlanta in 2015:

(1) the “New South” as a center of global migrations, immigration, and transnationalism, migrations to and from the New South, and/or the effects or impacts of transnationalism; (2) immigration(s) of peoples from the Global South affecting Pentecostalism in North America, and/or the effects or impacts of transnationalism; (3) Pentecostalism and gender, especially in relation to the “gender paradox” in particular cultural or national contexts, i.e., a seeming contradiction between “official” gender teachings and actual experiences and practices; (4) “Performing Scripture” (for possible co-sponsorship with an SBL Program Unit) to explore Pentecostal-Charismatic ideas, experiences, and practices regarding performative utterances; the power of the spoken, preached, or sung word; and/or musical, homiletic, or dramatic adaptations or enactments of scripture. (5) “Gospel Music of the American South” (for a possible quad-sponsorship with the Music and Religion Group; the Bible in Racial, Ethnic, and Indigenous Communities Group; the Christian Spirituality Group) We invite proposals that explore the distinctive forms of gospel music that have developed in the American South and how they have shaped or been shaped by traditions of spirituality, biblical interpretation, theological reflection, or socio-political perspectives within the black church. Proposals featuring performed music especially welcome. The committee also welcomes proposals related to divine healing, prophecy, and the prosperity gospel.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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