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Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion and Cities Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group is focused on scholarship that explores the dynamics of religion in urban contexts. We draw largely, though not exclusively, from social research in looking at the ways in which the cultures, economies, space, and politics both shape and are shaped by the presence of an increasing diversity of faith traditions in cities.

Call for Papers: 

Illegality and Criminalization: Cities and their suburbs represent contested spaces. Within them, more vulnerable populations are deemed illegal and criminalized. Social marginalization can result in spatial marginalization as these groups are pushed out. The rise in criminalization of groups such as immigrants, homeless citizens, and African American men begs for deeper analysis and theological reflection. What are the social processes of establishing illegality? How are these grounded historically, culturally, and religiously? How do theologians in the urban context reflect on these dynamics and come to voice in public discourse? Religion and Cities seeks papers that explore the theme of illegality and criminalization within the metro/urban context.

Religion, Class and the Academy: For a quad-sponsored session with the Liberation Theologies Group, the Theology and Religious Reflection Section, and the Class, Religion, and Theology Group, we are inviting papers that address the relevance of issues of class, religion, and theology to the academy and academics, including issues of academic labor and how class affects academic production more broadly conceived (in particular teaching and writing). In these papers we also encourage reflections on place. How do issues of class, religion, and theology shape up in the academy in relation to the various locations of academic production in large cities, towns, and rural areas?

Explorations of the City/Metropolis as Sanctuary and/or Peril for Queer Religious Life: We invite proposals that explore this topic, from practices in queerly religious/religiously queer urban communities to policies of segregation or “cleaning up” the city to remove or make invisible the unpleasant or deviant (homeless, migrants, sex workers/clubs, public sex, etc.). (For a possible co-sponsored session with the Religion and Cities group).

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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