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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion and Sexuality Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group examines religion and sexuality, broadly conceptualized, and focuses on questions of why and how sex matters for particular religious persons, communities, or traditions. We welcome collaboration with other Program Units doing work in some area of sexuality. Distinguishing this Group from other Program Units are an emphasis on empirical research and analysis and an intentionally multidisciplinary and comparative religious focus. We especially encourage interdisciplinary approaches, interest in gender (broadly defined), and strong attention to methodological issues.

Call for Papers: 

In keeping with our aim to facilitate reflection on questions of how and why sexuality (broadly conceptualized) matters for religious persons, communities, or traditions, we invite papers and panels on the following themes:

--“value” in the study of religion and sexuality—specifically, social class, economics, finance and/or capitalism as categories in the study of religion and sexuality. We would be particularly interested in gathering papers or panelists that would bring international/transnational perspectives to bear on this theme

-- discussion of pedagogy (broadly conceived) and research methods that considers ethical relationalities, boundary negotiation, and critical reflexivity in the learning, teaching, and study of religion and sexuality. (Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Nina Hoel in advance of submitting a proposal)

-- themes of gender, sexuality, and embodiment in the Eastern Orthodox tradition (e.g., historic/contemporary Orthodox theology, patristic heritage, liturgics, hagiography, and/or lived practice) for potential co-sponsorship with the Eastern Orthodox Studies group.

--religion, gender, and sexuality (broadly concieved) in hip hop and black popular culture, with particular attention to Southern and Atlanta-based cultural production. For potential co-sponsorship with Critical Approaches to Hip Hop and Religion.

-- incidents and histories of violence against marginalized bodies—including (but not limited to) police brutality, incarceration, religious violence, hate crimes, sexualized violence, and/or militarized, state-sanctioned violence. This might also include analysis of commemoration, social rituals, justice work, artistic practices, and peacemaking efforts that respond to violence. We are particularly interested in intersectional approaches to queer/gender/sexuality studies and African American religious history. For a potential quad-sponsored session with the Afro-American Religious History Group; Religion, Social Conflict and Peace Group; the Queer Studies in Religion Group.

--Other proposals for papers, sessions, panels and/or book sessions in keeping with the general mission of the Group are always welcome.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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