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Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion and the Social Sciences Section

Statement of Purpose: 

This Section supports scholarship at the intersection of the social sciences — including psychology, ethnography, sociology, political sciences, economics, and cultural studies — and religious or theological studies. Topic areas include the study of religious and theological questions through specific social scientific methodologies, the contribution of religious and theological approaches to the work of social scientific disciplines, and comparative assessments of current issues by humanities-based and social scientific methods.

Call for Papers: 

This section invites proposals on the following topics:

The intersection of religion, social mobilization, and political change in the global south or the Middle East, with particular interest in questions of national identity and citizenship discourse
Race and religion in US South
Religious or theological reflection on questions of money, monetary policy, credit, debt, usury, and banking
Economic theory or the future of capitalism
U.S. Latino congregations in relation to questions of racial-ethnic identity; liturgy, music, or worship; local, community, or political engagement; conversion and "religious switching,"

We also seek empirically grounded and theoretically sensitive papers from scholars working with various methodologies from fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, religious studies, and cultural studies. We welcome papers presenting original social scientific research. Submitted proposals should clearly specify issues, concepts, and/or questions of relevance to contemporary social scientists as well as the use of social scientific research methodology.

Anonymity of Review Process: Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection. Please do not include any identifying information in the body of your proposal.
Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection
RSS is strongly committed to this approach. We experienced some difficulty -- in the form of in-the-dark conversations - for San Diego with sections/groups that knew the identity of panelists as we entered the final selection process. In this situation, RSS was advocating for papers; other groups were advocating for specific people.
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