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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group presents an opportunity for scholars in various subfields of religious studies to explore a topic whose relevance cuts across specializations. We bring together scholars treating different time periods, geographical regions, and traditions in working to strengthen our field’s role in the study of empire, colonialism, and postcolonialism.

Call for Papers: 

The Religion, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism Group invites papers and panel proposals related to any issue in the study of religion, colonialism, and postcolonialism. We conceptualize colonial and postcolonial spaces broadly and encourage papers that develop postcolonial studies approaches to examine North America and Europe as well as more traditional sites of colonialism. We are particularly interested in four projects for the 2015 AAR meeting in Atlanta:

  1. We invite proposals on "Regulating Religion: Securitization and Policing Religion in the Post-Colonial State." Proposals should deal with the colonial / postcolonial regulation of religion by state authorities and/or how states construct discourses surrounding religion in order to promote national and/or international military and security initiatives.

  2. We invite proposals for a possible co-sponsored session with the Law, Religion, and Culture group. In consideration of the 2015 AAR theme, “Valuing Religion”: these proposals should explore the intersection of law, religion, and economic practice in colonial and postcolonial settings. For example, how have legal regimes governing economic practice shaped and transformed the institutions we now commonly understand to be religious (such as temples, mosques, monasteries, shrines)? How have the practices of such institutions worked in defiance of colonial legal expectations?

  3. We invite proposals that explore the transformation of religious discourses about the natural world in colonial and postcolonial settings. Proposals might engage with work on ecology, animality, the anthropocene, or a variety of other topics.

  4. We invite proposals on the intersections between postcolonial studies and animals (for a possible co-sponsored session with Religion and Animals Group and the Religion and Ecology Group).

  5. We encourage responses to David Chidester’s Empire of Religion (Chicago: University of Chicago 2014) for a possible co-sponsorship with the Critical Theory and Discourses on Religion Group and the Cultural History of the Study of Religion Group;

Finally, this year the group will also sponsor a pre-arranged Author-Meets-Critics session on Birgit Meyer's forthcoming book Sensational Movies. Video, Vision and Christianity in Ghana (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 2015). Co-sponsors for this panel are: World Christianity; Religion, Film, and Visual Culture; Anthropology of Religion; African Religions; Religion, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism. We will not be accepting individual proposals for this pre-arranged panel.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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