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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion, Media, and Culture Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group provides a multidisciplinary forum for exploring the intersections between media and religion. Areas of interest include the participation of religion in digital culture, mediation of religion, the interplay between religious and media communities and between religious and media practices, and the significance of both media and religion in the transformation of religious structures and practices.

Call for Papers: 

This Group invites individual papers, papers sessions, and roundtable proposals on the following themes:

1) Civil War, Media, and Southern Culture (including the role of technology in Civil War culture and contemporary re-imaginations of the Civil War);
2) "Activism, Religion, and Social Changeā€ (including Freedom Summer, same-sex marriage, street protests for justice, Ferguson - for possible co-sponsorship with North American Religions Group);
3) Disease, Plague, and Alien Threats (for possible co-sponsorship with North American Religions Group);
4) Religion, Change, and New Media Delivery -- From Cineplex to "Gigaplex;"
5) Media, Markets, Money, and Religion

Multimedia audio/visual enhanced and illustrated research presentations are strongly encouraged in the Religion, Media, and Culture program unit. Please indicate in your proposal if you will be employing these technologies in your presentation.

Other (please explain below)
Proposals are anonymous to the steering committee throughout review, but names are visible to one designated co-chair solely for communication purposes so that panel and session organizers can be contacted with questions or clarifications that may arise during the review process.
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