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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Religion, Memory, History Group

Statement of Purpose: 

This Group explores the construction of narratives of the past as memory and history in relation to religious practices, ideologies, and subjectivities. The role of memory and history in the formation of religious subjectivities calls for examination within a comparative context, to allow for an intercultural and interdisciplinary exploration of its forms and contexts, and to provide engagement with theoretical and methodological concerns across traditions.

Call for Papers: 

1) Material Memory: How do objects play a role in both individual and collective memory? How has the growth of critical approaches to “material religion” changed how scholars examine the past? We are particularly interested in the analysis of objects; the rituals surrounding them; and/or their connections with textual memory. What stories do we tell about such objects, and how do we use them?

2) Commemoration in Online Spaces: How have the wide variety of social media practices transformed memories of religion in all of its forms, as well as commemoration of major events, communities, and individuals? How do these practices and stored texts relate to critical theory on “the archive”? How has the online proliferation of commemorative religious ceremonies been reshaping the spatial, affective, and communal dimensions of worship? How have the processes of mourning and remembrance been altered in the virtual domain? Platforms to be considered could include, but are not limited to: Virtual sites of worship, Facebook, Twitter, role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, blogs, Second Life or other virtual spaces; museum web pages, and digital archives.

On any of these topics, both individual paper proposals and preformed panels are welcome. We seek to include a broad array of historical periods, traditions, and theoretical and methodological approaches. We also welcome individual papers or pre-formed panels on other topics related to our group’s work. In all proposals, we encourage work that addresses this year’s presidential theme by engaging with what it means to address the study of religion in the public arena.

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members
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