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AAR Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA
November 21-24, 2015

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Scriptural Reasoning Group

Statement of Purpose: 

“Scriptural reasoning” is a practice of interreligious scriptural study — as illustrated in the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning. This Group provides one “home,” within the AAR itself, for sustained study of the Abrahamic scriptural traditions, for exploring postmodern approaches to the study of scriptural religions, for interreligious and intercultural fellowship as an essential aspect of study, and as an experimental workshop in the practices of collaborative, dialogic, and interdisciplinary study.

Call for Papers: 

This Group gathers Jewish, Christian, and Muslim thinkers for the study of scriptural texts related to themes of contemporary import. Papers should examine brief scriptural passages—drawing on both textual scholarship and reception history—and suggest how they address contemporary readers’ concerns. Participants will be asked to circulate drafts in advance and revise their papers in conversation with each other. At least one session will include text study in small groups.

We invite paper or panel proposals in the following areas:

• The role of faith/moral traditions and their texts in the formation of scholars of religion
• The use of religious texts (including commentaries) in understanding, debating, and negotiating the relationship between Religious Studies and Theology
• Hermeneutics
• Scriptural reasoning methodology
• The nature of Scripture

We welcome proposals on other topics as well and encourage complete panel proposals. For guidance on the sorts of topics and proposals that have worked well in the past, see the sessions from previous years here:

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